The most Famous Diets in History

By being on the diet of your choice, or a diet that your doctor suggested, you will massively improve your health and encourage weight loss. These are some of the most famous diets in history. There is no doubt that they will help you get to your desired look and simply make you feel better overall.

No Sugar Diet

Every food is saturated with sugar nowadays. If you start reading the labels of the food you are buying (you know you were planning on doing this since long time ago), you will find out that most food contain sugar. This switch happened when fat was being marketed as bad for your health, so its contents were reduced to a bare minimum. In return, we got low fat food products everywhere. Low fat means that the food is tasty and good for you, right? Well, what happened was that the food lost its taste. The food industry then added sugars to make it taste better and succeeded. In the process, they made millions of people addicted to sugar. But there is no harm to the food industry for they only get more money.

For this reason, people are using no sugar diet which makes sure they don’t consume any sugar at all for some period of time. This is a very beneficial healthy diet. Make sure you ask your doctor about it.

Low-Carb Diet

Carbs retain water in your body and as a result they make your weight shoot up. By eating less of carb-rich foods such as beans, rice, bread and so on, your body will not retain water and your insulin levels will not shoot up. High levels of insulin are not good for you, they cause diabetes for one. So ask your doctor about the low-carb diet and see if you can do it a certain period of time. But remember: our bodies need carbs, if you cut carbs altogether, you will not feel good after a while. Be sure to get more information from your doctor.

Keto Diet

The kitosis is the state of the body where the body uses fat to produce energy and use it for running your body. Essentially your body runs on fat instead of glucose (sugar). This stage happens after about six hours after you eat. Most people enter ketosis after 3-4 days, but sometimes it can happen after a whole seven days of fasting. This is because your body also stores energy as glycogen which is found in your muscles. Once this is gone, your body turns to your fat and starts utilizing it. This diet has many weight loss benefits as well as health benefits. It gets rid of the unhealthy fat.

Intermittent Fasting

This type of fasting is focused on entering ketosis so you start losing weight. This is done by not eating for 16 hours and only eating within your “feeding window” which is about 8 hours long. But this doesn’t mean that you need to eat for 8 hours non-stop. You should eat twice during this time and the rest is pure fasting, no eating except drinking water. This diet allows your body to rest and repair itself.

Water Fasting

In this diet you are running pure water through your cells for anywhere in between a day (alternate day fasting) to a whole few days of fasting. Typically, people water fast for 2-3 days, but some fast all the way to 7 days. This type of diet comes with a lot of health benefits but it is not easy. Research has shown that a high percentage of people opt-out because they can’t do it. Remember, talk to your doctor about everything first.


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