How much Food do Modern Restaurants Waste and How to Improve It

Seeing how restaurants are in every single city on planet Earth, it’s not hard to spot that a lot of food is being wasted there. Let’s take a look at Las Vegas as an example and others generally and how they try to address this problem.

Las Vegas

This city is built in the middle of the desert, so it needed to have infrastructure built from the ground up. There is a lot of water being consumed as it’s desert soil. But what are restaurants doing? Certainly, there is a certain amount of food being wasted. Around 30-40% of all food in the United States is being wasted. Las Vegas restaurants are not far from this national average. This translates into about $161 billion per year. And this number was from 2010. We are going to be focusing on food in this article, but casinos in Las Vegas and elsewhere, together with their restaurants, waste a lot of resources as well as food – this is part of the reason why so many people chose to visit online casinos nowadays. This method is so popular that even people who like to bet on sports usually do it online where they can use the bonus codes that they find on


How to Improve the Food Waste Situation

Let’s take a look at the bright side. Restaurants have improved somewhat since 2010. They follow these guidelines and successfully manage their waste.

  • First: they are avoiding overstocking. So they try to buy only as much as they need without going overboard.
  • Second: They store food correctly so the food doesn’t spoil too soon. They keep it fresh as long as possible.
  • Third: they practice their stock rotation regularly. They make sure they are serving fresh food but not the freshest so that way there isn’t food that just does not get used.
  • Fourth: They label food the right way. Everything is labeled and everyone is informed about what is being kept and for how long. So there is no room for error.
  • Fifth:It also helps to pay attention to expiration dates. Such things must be checked before using any food. Such mistakes are unacceptable and can damage the restaurant’s brand.
  • Sixth: All deliveries must be inspected against the order specification.
  • Seventh: It is not unusual for a modern restaurant to have many leftovers. These are foods that are high quality and professionally prepared but never touched on the table by guests. Restaurants donate their leftovers to a local charity. This way they help those in need while also putting out a good name for themselves. So it’s a win-win scenario.
  • Eighth: Always be sure to ask customers if they would like to take their food home. Some people don’t even think about it. And after you offer them this option, they will most likely gladly accept it.

Some extreme cases of food waste in modern restaurants include waste in the amount of 45% of total food being produced. In this case, employees must be educated on how to store food correctly along with following other steps in reducing food waste.

Modern restaurants will continue to make progress in this area as they try to achieve higher quality of their service while being kind to our planet Earth. Proper treatment of food waste is how they can get to a higher rating which leads to them being respected better. Higher standard in this regard must be achieved so the whole industry can take the next step forward.


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