The Most Interesting Food Blogs to Follow

People often find themselves on the internet, searching for the answer to the questions they asked, and even more often to those they didn’t ask. Follow one hyperlink and hours later, you are learning about the history of a nation, written by another nation, both of which do not even exist anymore. 

Some links take you to places like online casinos and their shiny toys and games. Some gamblers use coupon codes like this cozino coupon code to make the best of their betting. But then, a link takes to food sites. Oh boy, there are so many good things to eat. With that in mind, here are the best food blogs for you to follow, to satisfy your hunger and cooking needs.


There are sites which have some visitors and then there are sites which have over 2 million followers on instagram alone. This by itself makes Food52 a site worthy of following if you want to learn about food. They are one of the leading authorities when it comes to food blogs. Their content is also often done by experts in their field, both chefs and decorators. Their content does not deal with food alone, but also beauty and art. What more could you want?

Minimalist Baker

If you are tired from all the decorations and yummy plates which take more time to set up than to actually eat, Minimalist Baker is the right site for you. The recipes are simple and easy to follow, as is the philosophy of less is more. Half an hour is the most you will spend making any recipe here and you will need only a single bowl. This is enough to make anybody who never cooked get interested and realize that cooking is not a boogeyman, but rather something really nice which everyone should attempt, especially in this day and age of processed food.

Closet Cooker

Some people have skeletons in their closet, others have a closet cooker. It is not literally a closet cooker, but rather a very small kitchen and some witty wordplay. That can do wonders in attracting visitors, initially, but people who come for the food stay for the food. This blog has plenty of food recipes, all of which you too could make in your kitchen, provided that it is not smaller than a closer, of course.

Budget Bytes

This is a very comprehensive blog made to satisfy everyone’s palate, but not just in any way.

Everyone loves shopping and many people tend to impulse purchase stuff, especially in times which are difficult, when there is nothing much else to do but sit at home. Well, what about learning some new recipes and then trying them, but not spending a fortune on the ingredients? This is what Budget Bytes is all about, a blog which can teach you how to make amazing meals but not spend heaps of money.

Green Kitchen Stories

There is not a list of cooking blogs without a plant-based cooking blog. Most people do not eat enough vegetables or fruit (processed doesn’t count) and no matter what you prefer and your moral beliefs, this blog’s recipes will have your mouth watering pretty quickly. 

These are the most interesting food blogs you can follow. Get ready to buy some ingredients and make amazing meals and impress your loved ones.

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