Most Famous Food in Macau

Macau used to be a portuguese colony up to 1999. Now it’s a Chinese territory just like Hong-Kong. You can easily get to Macau by a fast ferry which will take about one hour when coming from Hong-Kong. Macau cooking has a nice diverse influence from all over the world. This city is known as the Asian Las Vegas. Bright colours are everywhere and gambling can be enjoyed on basically every step of the way. Of course, not everyone likes this – some people maybe prefer staying at home and gambling online, or getting their Daily tips accas and enjoying betting all by themselves. For those who do not like gambling at all, this city has some interesting food to offer too. For some of these foods, waiting in line might be in order, but it will be well worth it.

Pork Chop Buns

You put pork chops inside a bun, but there is nothing else inside. It’s just boneless pork chop. This meal is easily considered a snack, but it can also fill you up with good joy in your stomach. Be sure to give it a try before going to the next meal.

Sawdust Pudding

This pudding is not hard to make. It has only a few ingredients. But still it has a unique taste in Macau. It also contains a couple of tea biscuits and whipped cream. It’s one of the best desserts in this city. Just order it and it will blow your mind.


Minchi has another name which still sounds the same: Minchee. This Macanese dish contains ground pork with seasoned soy sauce. Fried egg is placed neatly on top of the ground pork and it looks very good. It is a protein bomb though, so you might want to watch your blood pressure if you eat too much of this stuff.

Portuguese Wine

Along with your Minchi you can get some Portuguese Wine. This wine is made by mixing different kinds of grapes only a historical spice trading port could have. But this wine will not leave you homeless to get. It’s cheap and it’s basically everywhere you can sit down and eat at. It offers a complex taste to enjoy with the meal of your choice.

Almond Cookies

Also known as Almond cakes (but mostly they are cookies). The bakery who makes them is called Koi Kei bakery. These cookies are perfect to take home as souvenirs. I saw people carrying a bagful of them on their way home. Just keep in mind that most cookies and sweets in Macau are not even close to being as sweet as American cookies or desserts.

Street food

Macau street food can offer you cooked food, grilled food, dried food and noodle soups. You can often watch people while they prepare your food which can be very interesting. They make a small show out of it so you also get entertainment out of it. Seafood and cooked foods are big in Macau, you must try some of the soups they make out of these interesting ingredients. The unique taste will follow your whole stay in this city.

Just when you think you tried it all, smelled it all and ate it all, there is always something new to try and get surprised by. Streets are an amazing kitchen. Just ask for directions and you will find yourself in a place like no other. Start your adventure through Macau and find out why it’s called the Las Vegas of Asia.


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