Why is Kobe Beef so Highly Esteemed?

The Kobe beef origin comes from Japan. And as you know, Japan is an interesting country full of fresh new ideas that make the whole world say ‘wow’. And now we have Kobe beef which comes from Japanese cows. But these cows are not any cows, they are Kobe cows from which Kobe beef comes from. The whole difference in between a normal cow and Kobe cow is that Kobe cow gets treated differently.

For instance, a Kobe cow drinks beer and sometimes sake (japanese alcohol drink) to make their appetite better. After they get hungry, then they listen to classical music and eat. This helps them associate classical music with eating. Moreover, these cows get massaged regularly. This helps their meat develop gradually.

While there is no hard evidence to suggest that all of these techniques, or any of these things which are being done to these cows actually work, the fact of the matter is that these cows get treated like kings, or more accurately- queens. Kobe beef is known for it’s amazing taste. And the structure of the meat is layers of meat followed by layers of fat.

Should you buy Kobe Beef Burgers at a Pub?

If they charge you an extra 10 dollars for your Kobe beef burger, you are not getting kobe beef. Ground Kobe beef does not exist. Even if it did exist, it would cost hundreds of dollars. So higher price might not get you a Kobe beef but lower price certainly will not get you any of the Kobe. Think about that.

Let’s say you go into a restaurant and you order Kobe beef and you ask the server ‘is this the real Kobe beef? They would probably reply that they are not sure or they don’t know. Or if they even hematite, this is a sign that this might not be a real Kobe beef. They should know where it came from, the distributor, and they should be able to show you the 10-digit authorization code that will verify the origin. It’s not easy to get Kobe beef and only about 32 restaurants have it in the whole of United States. And the best part is that you can find out this information on the internet so you don’t have to guess who has the real Kobe beef and who doesn’t.

While it turns out Kobe cows drinking beer is a myth, another interesting fact is that Kobe beef is not even the most expensive in the world. But to conclude, you should track who imports Kobe beef if you want to get the real deal, otherwise save your money for a trip to Japan.


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