Visiting Le Louis XV Alain Ducasse in Monte Carlo

I have a friend that I haven’t seen in a long time, his name is Mike, and after reconnecting with him, he invited me to the Le Louis XV restaurant in Monte Carlo. What you might not know about me is that I am a casino lover –  I love both online and land-based casinos, I often search for various bonus codes such as LeoVegas Bonus Code India, and I especially love visiting Monte Carlo. Therefore, I was very excited about this outing. So we tried making a reservation there for our dinner. Turns out it’s not that easy but it’s doable. So a couple of weeks later we found ourselves inside a restaurant. Yes, we did bring our life savings for this wonderful occasion as I don’t think it comes that cheap. It is a luxury restaurant, after all.

We got to Our Table

We walked in and we were escorted to our table. The waiter was around and we ordered our meals. We looked around while waiting for our food, sipping on some kind of wine that was produced years ago. Probably very expensive too. But that’s what we were going for after all. The cloths on the tables were perfectly clean and dishes were neatly positioned. All of the other tables were busy too. People were eating and drinking and some left soon after we arrived just to be replaced by another group of people. Most people came with a family, but some couples were around too.

Details of the Architecture

This was my first and only time inside one of the best restaurants in the world. I couldn’t help but stare at every single detail of the furniture, walls and lighting. It was all perfect. I didn’t say too many words to Mike for the longest few minutes. We were whispering about how amazing the ceiling looks like.

Soon our food arrived. We ordered a few items from the menu and to be completely honest, I’m not sure what some of those dishes were so I ordered what I knew. On our dish we could recognize familiar ingredients. We saw meat in some kind of sauce, salads and a few side dishes. Let me tell you what the food tasted like: it tasted amazing. Some sauces were completely new to me, while others did taste somewhat familiar.

After our meal, we stayed with another glass of wine in our hands. The whole stay lasted about 45 minutes. On my way up to leave the restaurant, I reached to hand over my credit card and bumped into a waiter carrying someone’s food. Luckily nothing was spilled and I said I was sorry. Just when I thought that this was going to turn into one of those movies where a person gets up from the table and actually smashes everything the waiter is carrying, this waiter moved very gently and fast and nothing was ruined. Thankfully.

After that, we got up and left. What is interesting is that nobody was looking at their phones while being there and nobody was taking selfies even though this place looks amazing. While this was a great experience, I never actually visited any other Le Louis XV so I can’t speak for other locations, but this one in Monte Carlo looks like how every single restaurant should look like. It’s tailored for a person who is here to enjoy food and spend a bit of quality time with a luxury level of service and amazing food. I dare other restaurants to up their game and follow this one as this one is a true leader in what they do.



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