Best Restaurants in New York

New York is full of diversity. This reflects on the food people enjoy. In today’s NY you will find the most popular foods people are after. Yes, mexican too. Restaurant chains are everywhere but to stand out from the crowd, you need some extra effort. Here’s a short list of the New York’s best restaurant which you should visit on your next trip there. You should also remember to get out of your comfort zone on food and drinks- you’re next new favourite might be waiting for you.


This restaurant has a warm feel to it. You can make a reserve or just eat at the bar, I highly recommend eating at the bar, it’s a lot of fun. The menu they have is very nice and colourful. When I say ‘colourful’, I don’t mean that it has colours, but the food in it comes from all over the best spots in the world. You don’t even have to think about it, just sit down and order some duck frites along with charred carrots. But before that try out rotisserie lobster. There are other options, of course. But this is a good combination if you’re there for the first time.

Xi’an Famous Foods

This family run restaurant has become a chain. It’s a classic counter-service restaurant. You can get a nice meal for about $15 or less and walk away with a belly full of goodness. But be warned: prices vary depending on the location even if it’s the same town. Try out cold skin noodles and tacky hand-ripped noodles. You will love both and they will disappear from the plate right after you take a nice photo of it for your instagram profile.

Uncle Boons

This restaurant has great presentation. Dishes such as green curry snails or wood-fried yellowtail collar can be ordered. And while you consume them, the scenery around this place will transport you to Nolita lounge times. Very charming and inviting. It will not disappoint in any department.


Wildair is a wild restaurant. In reality, it is not wild at all. The atmosphere is simple, minimalistic, precise, and it lets you focus on your food. And when it comes to food, the plates are really small but this is part of the charm and focus. Focus is the keyword when it comes to Wildair. Once you sit down and take a look around, you should order a couple of things like- spicy chopped tuna.

If tuna does not sound good to you try some southern-style white shrimp and rich pork rillettes. And for the drink, let’s see… What about the amazing natural wine they have. You can get one in a complete bottle or if you’d like just one glass, you can order per glass. But remember – if you ordered a few glasses you might want to switch to a bottle. It’s about being economical. This restaurant has a great vibe to it.


So there you have it, this short list contains a couple of things about what you can find on the New York City streets. So walk carefully and don’t miss out on these food gems. Your Instagram profile will thank you for it. Watch your weight, people. Stay healthy, as always.


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