Track Foods Popular among Horse Racing Fans

Horse racing is on the rise in all continents around the world, just like is. Some places can accept as much as 90,000 people. After a long day of horse racing, you will get up to 90,000 hungry mouths. This is a huge opportunity for the track owners to make a profit, and of course, they do. When the wave happens, it is a real sight to see. And here is what they eat: thousands upon thousands of hot dogs, pretzels, pizza slices, 600 pounds or more of bacon, about 250 pounds of shrimp and a few dozens other fast food items.

How Does it Work?

On a lot of tracks there are different vendors and some of them are completely new or exclusive to that particular track. They are there to surprise people who are looking to get a quick bite but they actually get a lot more than that. The food is fresh and as we mentioned earlier, it is plentiful. You can try imagining 90,000 people stuffing hotdogs into their mouth but here’s how people who’ve seen it many times say about it: “it’s like an organized chaos, you do get used to it after a while but it is a major rush, there is no time to prepare the food individually. What you have prepared already – that is what you will sell. People won’t wait for you to prepare their food, they are hungry and they want it right away. If you don’t have it, they will just go to another vendor and get their fix there.”

What is the Most Popular?

Pizzas are a great star of this show. Thousands of slices of pizzas are being consumed. You get what is usually left after hundreds of people in front of you get everything that was prepared. If you really, really want a pizza, you might have to wait in a long line. It takes tens of people about 10 to 13 minutes to bake a pizza. It’s like an army of chefs preparing the stuff. It is truly a glorious event for both cooks and people consuming the food and enjoying a great day at the horse track.

Tracks have just about everything you’d want. You get to eat in there, bet on horse races and hang out with fans who think they know the best. They think that they will win a lot of money by betting on the horse they think is the best, but you and I both know that our horse has the best chances to win. Oh look, nobody standing by the hot dog stand, we should go and get ourselves some, the race should be starting soon.


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