Atlantic City’s most Famous Restaurants

An iconic place such as Atlantic City, New Jersey, it is a love letter to people who enjoy good food. Restaurants reach out all the way to the beach and back to the casino. Many casinos in fact have restaurants built in, which can be a special treat to people who visit sites like You can never be too far from trying out something new or going back to your favourites. Here’s a short list of the most famous restaurants in this area. We do hope you enjoy reading and more importantly, you should visit these and give them a try. Write a comment below if you tried any of the restaurants and recommend us your best picks.

Knife and Fork Inn

This one can’t be any more straight forward. This is a seafood and chop house. A good one at that. This Inn (or a restaurant) was open way back in 1912 and has been serving great customers ever since. Now that’s what I call a long running business and even better- customer loyalty.

You may ask what kind of food you should try out here. Well, let’s begin: lobster thermidor, stakers served Oscar-style and a lump carb, bearnaise sauce, oh and also don’t miss out on their asparagus. So the menu is mostly sea food to keep you in the mood of the sea. After all, the sea is at your doorstep. As you look at the crushing waves, you can also look at your plate and eat whatever is under the crushing wave. Isn’t that charming? It just connects you to the nature in a very unique way.

Olon and Okatshe

Now while the name itself might not tell you much if you are not from around here, you are in for a surprise. Check out the best of the menu items here: ramen, sushi, yakitori and don’t forget that they have a wide selection of Japanese whiskeys.
As you eat and enjoy south beach vibes and an ocean view, there is a japanese style all over the place if the menu was not a big enough hint. It’s bringing Japan to the east coast.

Chef Vola’s

Now we have one with the word chef in the name of the restaurant. It must be good, right? Well, if it wasn’t it wouldn’t be a part of this list and probably wouldn’t be so high in this list. But hold your horses, it’s not so easy to secure a table in this restaurant. But once you do secure it, give yourself a pat on the back and get ready for a treat. Red sauce will be served. Chopped salads and garlicky sides of broccoli rabe will be served as well to sate your tastebuds.

Dock’s Oyster House

This restaurant’s name is giving up too much. Because everyone knows what Dock’s menu is, right? It has an oyster, for sure. A few of them, in fact. Along with seafood samplers, these are served together in pairs with tartar sauces. The place looks like a classic building in a town by the sea. It looks cosy and inviting. You won’t go wrong by visiting it. Now let’s take a hike down the street to the next iconic restaurant on this coastline.

Pancho’s Mexican Taqueria

This restaurant is all about tacos but these are made as they should be: handmade tortillas, carnitas and al pastor, lengua and chivo (this means a goat). If you are looking for something to drink here, you will get a beer or a margarita all the way until midnight. And of course, at midnight is when beer and margaritas turn into a pumpkin because their time is up. Or they just stop selling them, which is probably the truth.


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