Record-Breaking Food

We eat good food every day. But some companies go a step further and create a record breaking food. They do it for publicity and because they can, and it is a very cool way of attracting new customers – just like online bookmakers attract new members with promotions and bonus codes like 1xbet promo code. So let’s take a look at another list of record breaking food and give them some respect.

Minnesota Casino made a Record Breaking 1-ton Cheeseburger

Now that probably comes with a lot of cheese. I wonder how many human beings are needed to consume this beast of a cheeseburger. This story happened in 2012. Crowds of people were looking at it with its juicy bread and meat and cheese. Guiness Records representative by the name of Philip Robertson verified the facts and called the whole operation “remarkable teamwork”. He also mentioned that the cheeseburger tastes really good. Fun fact: while this cheeseburger weighed 914 kg, the previous world record was just over 400 kg. So this was a giant step forward in that regard.

The World’s Largest Chicken Nugget

Back in 2013, in Mifflintown, PA USA, the largest chicken nugget was made. It was made by Empire Kosher because they celebrated their 75th anniversary. This huge nugget took just over three hours to cook and when you compare it to a normal nugget it will be as big as a whole other 750 nuggets. All is pure kosher. Nugget anyone? This one will probably be enough for quite some number of people.

The World’s Biggest Batch of Nachos

About 80 people were working on this beast of nachos pack. And they did work with a lot of pride and happiness as they were building a new world record. This event happened back in 2012. It was a publicity stunt to help raise the money for LINK Kitchen (Kansas-based charity that prepares homemade meals to feed the homeless and hungry people). If you’d like to know the weight of this piece of art: it was about as heavy as a forest elephant. So pretty heavy and pretty delicious.

The World’s Biggest Gluten-Free Pizza

This Italian goodness was built in the town of its origin in Rome, Italy. It was the year of 2012. The year of good experimentation in food industry. I really wish I had the chance to be there for this one as I’m a huge fan of pizza. It was made by five chefs who made about 5000 batches during 48 hours to bake the crust. Just look at that pizza though (if there is no picture attached, google the picture, it’s out there). But be warned, what you will see cannot be unseen. It’s the biggest pizza in the world. It’s the king kong of all the pizzas and it is truly impressive how they did it. I wonder who ate it.

The World’s Largest Chocolate Bar

In 2011 this chocolate bar was made (or built?). It took them 10 hours to fill up the mold with chocolate, and then it took about 3 days for the chocolate to cool down and become a bar. Don’t tell me you don’t want a bite into this.


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