The Voice of Specialty Food Ingredients Producers in Europe

The Federation of European Specialty Food Ingredients Industries (ELC) combines credible science and trusted experts to provide cutting edge information to the public and policy makers about the many health and functional benefits relating to specialty food ingredients.  At the forefront of this dynamic industry for more than 30 years, the ELC is dedicated to creating a positive EU regulatory environment to help foster innovation. The ELC is the preferred partner of the speciality food ingredient industry.

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Brussels, 24th June 2016: At a workshop in Brussels held today, ELC brought together policymakers and industry experts to discuss How Can Regulators and Industry Meet the EU Food Innovation Challenge? The event saw the first public presentation of an ELC-commissioned economic impact assessment setting out...

2016-06Commission’s roadmap for the risk management of re-evaluated food additives

According to the EU legislation, all food additives that were authorised in the EU before 20th January 2009 must be re-evaluated by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) by 2020. ELC supports this initiative that contributes to strengthen consumers’ confidence in the safety of these ingredients. A...

2016-055th ELC annual Forum on Sustainability in the specialty food ingredients sector

ELC hosted on 24th May 2016 in Brussels its fifth annual Forum on Sustainability in the specialty food ingredients sector. This event, reserved to ELC members, looked at progress towards a common food waste policy, heard from other food and feed sectors’ experience and explored sustainable sourcing in the...

2016-01Access to genetic resources: ELC appointed member of the ABS Consultation Forum

Following the publication in November 2015 of the Implementing Regulation of the ABS Regulation (on compliance measures for users from the Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and the Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits Arising from their Utilization in the Union), the European Commission set...

Latest Updates from ELC

  • 19-07SPS Market Access Working Group meeting

    - An ELC delegation participates to the SPS Market Access WG and heard a.o. from FDA about Systems Recognition under the Food Safety Modernization Act.

  • 08-07Sherpa meeting of the High Level Forum for a Better Functioning Food Supply Chain

    - The meeting discusses and agrees on working priorities within several clusters. ELC supports the development of recommendations on how to provide a boost to innovation in the food chain (including for sustainability purposes), with particular attention to innovation regulatory efficiency, a topic that is included in a cluster “Competitiveness and new opportunities”.

  • 04-07Food additives approval in Japan – Seminar

    - A ELC delegation is invited by DG Trade to an info-session about the approval process of food additives in Japan, which gave European business, Member States and EFSA the opportunity to obtain clarifications from the Japanese competent authorities.

  • 21-06Evaluation of Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation

    - ELC participates in a meeting of DG SANTE’s Advisory Group, where the contractor of the study on the evaluation of Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006 on nutrition and health claims made on foods presents the objectives and scope of the evaluation. In particular, the aim of this meeting is to allow participants understand the various issues to be addressed by the study at an early stage and therefore enhance their ability to contribute to the study effectively.

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