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The Federation of European Specialty Food Ingredients Industries (ELC) combines credible science and trusted experts to provide cutting edge information to the public and policy makers about the many health and functional benefits relating to specialty food ingredients.  At the forefront of this dynamic industry for more than 30 years, the ELC is dedicated to creating a positive EU regulatory environment to help foster innovation. The ELC is the preferred partner of the speciality food ingredient industry.

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2016-09EFSA completes the safety re-evaluation of colours as food additives

The publication today of the opinion on the re-evaluation of the safety of titanium dioxide (E 171) as a food additive has closed from a risk assessment side* the re-evaluation of food colours, which started 10 years ago.

This is a milestone in the additive re-evaluation programme, an initiative supported...

2016-08ELC explains How to Become a Codex Hero !

Codex may be a synonym for complex but the ELC is here to help out ! Our working group has prepared a brochure to guide its members, or any Observer wishing to enter the CCFA arena, through the Codex maze.


Brussels, 24th June 2016: At a workshop in Brussels held today, ELC brought together policymakers and industry experts to discuss How Can Regulators and Industry Meet the EU Food Innovation Challenge? The event saw the first public presentation of an ELC-commissioned economic impact assessment setting out...

2016-06Commission’s roadmap for the risk management of re-evaluated food additives

According to the EU legislation, all food additives that were authorised in the EU before 20th January 2009 must be re-evaluated by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) by 2020. ELC supports this initiative that contributes to strengthen consumers’ confidence in the safety of these ingredients. A...

Latest Updates from ELC

  • 18-10EU exports to India

    - Ahead of a possible workshop with the Indian authorities before the end of the year, ELC participates to a preparatory meeting organised by DG Trade in order to identify potential TBT or SPS issues linked a.o. to food additives.

  • 05-10ISO WG meeting

    - A ELC delegation contributes to the meeting of the ISO/TC 34 WG18, which continues discussing a draft standard “Definitions and criteria for food ingredients to be considered as natural”.

  • 04-10EFSA Discussion Group on Food Chemical Occurrence Data


    At the 4th meeting of the Discussion Group, ELC gives a presentation to explain to what extent use level data from food additives manufacturers can feed exposure assessment to these ingredients.

  • 27-09EFSA ANS Plenary Meeting


    ELC attends as Observer the open session of the Plenary meeting of the ANS Panel, where experts discuss a.o. the safety re-evaluation of several food additives.

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